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J. C. Grand Finale
by Jack Chanin

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J. C. Grand Finale by Jack Chanin

Silks at your finger tips.

From the introduction:

I have performed this silk act many times and have received numerous requests to put it in print. I am certain that if the reader of this book will apply himself to the contents and study the illustrations carefully he will have at his command not only a beautiful act but one that he will be more than proud to present any place and under any conditions. The possibilities for adding to this act and making it still more spectacular are unlimited. Within these pages you will find added suggestions that I have used myself and found to be practical, that if used will make this beautiful silk act a miracle in the eyes of any audience.


Both hands are shown unmistakably empty at start of trick. Magician reaches out into air and produces a silk. Hands are now shown empty with the exception of silk just produced. Performer closes empty hand and starts pulling out silks until he has magically produced a dozen. Placing these silks on table or in pocket he once more shows his hands empty and closes hand into a fist once more and reaches in and pulls out about 30 yards of different colored ribbons. After placing ribbons aside he displays a small silk. After showing hands empty again he shakes the silk a little and like a flash it changes into a beautifully colored rainbow silk 36" x 36". He then reaches under silk and produces a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Magician throws large silk over arm and puts flowers on table. He makes grab in air and has another large 36" x 36" rainbow silk on the tips of his fingers. After displaying this he reaches into air with other hand and another large silk is produced. He then takes his bow and walks off.

1st edition 1940, 13 pages; PDF 11 pages.
word count: 3307 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text