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Jack Chanin

Jack Chanin

(Kremenchug, Ukraine, Russian Empire: 15th January 1907 - 9th November 1997)

Moved to USA at age 15. Inspired at age 17. Preferred manipulation magic. Did a pseudo-oriental act as "Chan-In" and "Chan-Jak". Pro dealer ("Chanin's Studio of Magic") in Philadelphia 1930-81 when retired and sold to Rick Matevish.

Also worked in 1932 as main assistant in Bill Brema's shop in Philadelphia. 1983 AMA Creative Fellowship. Invented Miracle Shoe Lace (by 1941), Color Changing Shoe Lace (by 1941), Your Card, Please (by 1941), Katch-O-Kard (1950), Wool It (1952), etc.

Wrote 9 booklets: Seven in One (1928), The Three Shell Game (1934, 8pp), Hello, Sucker! (1934; 2nd ed rev 1948, 80pp), Jaysee Silk Color Change Supreme (1936, 10pp), Cigar Manipulation (1937, 80pp), Grand Finale: or Silks at Your Fingertips (1937, 13pp), Further Adventures of the Seven in One (1938, 15pp), Handle with Gloves (1941, 26pp), and Encyclopedia of Sleeving (1947, 81pp). Column in Linking Ring. Biographer is David E. Haversat, Chanin: The Man With The Magic Hands (2002).

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Jack Chanin
Encyclopedia of Sleeving by Jack Chanin

Excerpt from the foreword by Paul Rosini:

His book on the 3-Shell Game is a classic - but his new one on sleeving is superb. You may benefit from the many years that it has taken Jack to compile and simplify the different tricks in the art of sleeving. It is unbelievable how clean you can do a trick with his new methods, if used moderately.

Sleeving to me is one of my most valuable assets. As you well know, practical magic is what counts, and I have always found it my magical exploits that sleeving has been very practical. In fact, many well known magicians at conventions have passed...

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Jack Chanin
Center Tear Bill by Jack Chanin

One of the best impromptu tricks ever invented for an unprepared dollar bill, invented by the late Jack Chanin. Long off the market. This charming bit of magic is almost forgotten today. This sold in the 70s for $10.00. According to Dollar Times that would be over $60 in today's dollars.

You show an unprepared dollar bill and fold it into quarters. At the folded corner of the bill you tear off a section, as shown on the cover photo. The audience plainly sees the missing section. Placing the small torn piece into your mouth, you blow it at the bill. Instantly, the bill is restored, pulled...

★★★★★ $6
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Jack Chanin
J. C. Grand Finale by Jack Chanin

Silks at your finger tips.

From the introduction:

I have performed this silk act many times and have received numerous requests to put it in print. I am certain that if the reader of this book will apply himself to the contents and study the illustrations carefully he will have at his command not only a beautiful act but one that he will be more than proud to present any place and under any conditions. The possibilities for adding to this act and making it still more spectacular are unlimited. Within these pages you will find added suggestions that I have used myself and found to be practical,...

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Jack Chanin
Jaysee Silk Color Change Supreme by Jack Chanin

From the introduction:

The author believes, along with several other well known professional magicians, that it is one of the cleanest cut color changing routine to be obtained, and in closing wishes to thank Mr. William H. Hanna for the valuable assistance given, with several of the moves and the fine illustrations in this book.

1st edition 1936, 10 pages; PDF 8 pages.

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Jack Chanin
Hello Sucker! Encyclopedia of the 3 Shell Game by Jack Chanin

Encyclopedia of the 3 shell game, completely exposed, revised and enlarged, including the latest routines, profusely illustrated, and comprehensively described.

  • Forward
  • Forward, Junior
  • The Author Speaks
  • Chapter 1 Point On Shells
  • Chapter 2 The Correct Pea
  • Chapter 3 How To Make A Pea
  • Chapter 4 The Size Of The Pea
  • Chapter 5 Working Surface
  • Chapter 6 The 3 Shell Game
  • Chapter 7 Fundamentals
  • Chapter 8 Red, White & Blue
  • Chapter 9 You Hold It
  • Chapter 10 Over The Top
  • Chapter 11 Double Pea
  • Chapter 12 Back Hand Trick
  • Chapter 13 Variation
  • Chapter 14 Which One, Bub?
  • Chapter 15 Open Hand...
★★★★★ $6
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Jack Chanin
J. C. Coin Routines: Handle With Gloves by Jack Chanin
  • May I Have A Word With You Please?
  • Books by Jack Chanin
  • CHAPTER 1: J. C. Streamlined Palming Coins
  • CHAPTER 2: Working With Gloves
  • CHAPTER 3: Tips
  • CHAPTER 4: Sleeving
  • CHAPTER 5: J. C. Palm
  • CHAPTER 6: Requirements
  • CHAPTER 7: Between The Fingers
  • CHAPTER 8: Gone With The Flame
  • CHAPTER 9: 6 from 11 - ?
  • CHAPTER 10: J. C. Favorite
  • CHAPTER 11: Knuckles
  • CHAPTER 12: J. C. Master Production and Vanish
  • CHAPTER 13: An Old Trick Dressed Up
  • CHAPTER 14: Just A Production
  • CHAPTER 15: Short and Sweet
  • CHAPTER 16: Coin Migration

1st edition 1941, 31 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 26 pages....

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