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Jack Avis

Jack Avis

(Beckenham, Kent, England: 27 Jul 1921 - 8 Jan 2004)

Inspired and learned at age 12 from tricks in Wizard comics. Amateur card and close-up magician since then, initially with stage name "Siva". 50 years in printing trade before retiring. Hobbies: cabinet making and book binding. Magic Circle Reference Librarian since 1990. Died of heart attack.

Invented Message from Hades (1953) and the Siva Count (5-as-4) by 1977 when published by Mentzer. Wrote Minds in Duplicate (1956, 32pp). Tricks in Pentagram, New Pentagram, Gen, Abra, Phoenix, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Pallbearers, Chronicles, Linking Ring, MUM, Pabular, Epilogue, Ibidem, and Technomagic.

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Jack Avis
Rara Avis by Jack Avis

Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis!

After Jack's death in 2004, 28 notebooks were discovered among his vast collection of manuscripts, books and other publications that contained his collected thoughts over the past half century. Some original, some of his own handlings of effects of his friends, some sleights, some tips and ideas but all bearing the stamp that earned him a world reputation for simple, baffling, natural magic. This important volume contains much of Jack's original thinking and ideas as well as rare photographs and notes from throughout his sixty...

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