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Rara Avis
by Jack Avis


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Rara Avis by Jack Avis

Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis!

After Jack's death in 2004, 28 notebooks were discovered among his vast collection of manuscripts, books and other publications that contained his collected thoughts over the past half century. Some original, some of his own handlings of effects of his friends, some sleights, some tips and ideas but all bearing the stamp that earned him a world reputation for simple, baffling, natural magic. This important volume contains much of Jack's original thinking and ideas as well as rare photographs and notes from throughout his sixty years in magic. If you are a serious card person, close-up worker, historian or a magic enthusiast you will want to own this valuable record of the work of a man who devoted every moment of his spare time to the pursuit of magic - and particular card magic - at its highest level and is honored wherever a deck of cards is shuffled.

1st edition 2006 by The Cairn Press; digital edition 2011; original 220 pages; PDF 229 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Jack Avis by John Derris
  3. Introduction
  4. Acknowledgements

    Chapter One Effects with Cards

  5. Ace Routine Handling
  6. Jack Avis Notes on All Red
  7. Another Call—from Another Place
  8. Random Notes by Jack Avis
  9. Blind Choice
  10. A Bridge Hand
  11. Calculating Cards
  12. The Card Between
  13. Cards to Blanks with Signatures
  14. Tip for Use with a Stacked Deck
  15. A Change of Identity (Identity Crisis)
  16. Coincidence—Again
  17. Thoughts on Vernon's Handling of the Ten Card Trick
  18. Colour Match
  19. A Contrived Location
  20. Court Card Spell
  21. A Little Extra with the Multi—Spell
  22. Diamond Cut Diamond—Variation
  23. A Variation on the Diary Trick
  24. Divination of Thought
  25. A Dotty Location
  26. Double Cross (Cut) Count Down
  27. Double Cross Transpo
  28. Turn and Take Bottom—a use for this
  29. Envelope Prediction
  30. Double Side Deal
  31. Exchanged
  32. Fake Memory Routine—Avis Handling
  33. A Few Steps Further On
  34. Flight Fantastique
  35. Folded Card in Box (Kaps)—An Idea
  36. Follow the Leader
  37. Siva Follows his Leader
  38. Follow the Leader—Again!
  39. The French Reverse
  40. The Fulves Problem
  41. Jack Avis Ideas
  42. Imp Bottle Idea
  43. Hidden Power
  44. The Hot Hand Test
  45. The Houdini Card
  46. Houdini's Unfinished Trick
  47. An Inside Straight
  48. Isaac's Law
  49. The Magic of Jack and Jill
  50. The Jumping Aces
  51. The Jumping Thought
  52. I Knew that Hacker
  53. Lie or Tell the Truth
  54. Routine to Locate the Aces
  55. Locate Four—Locate the One
  56. Tell Me a Lie—Truth will Out
  57. Magic Bullet Effect
  58. "Throw—In" Presentation
  59. The Magic Card
  60. Mental Control—Avis Routine
  61. 5x5 Mental Routine, A Handling
  62. M. S. Poker Deal
  63. Mechanical Second Elevator Aces
  64. A Multiple Matching
  65. The Mystery of X (Ten)
  66. The Not So Friendly Giant
  67. Oil and Water Again—Agai—Aga—Ag—A
  68. An Oil and Water Move
  69. Outside In
  70. Perverse Card to Wallet Routine
  71. Tips
  72. The Old Q Card Trick
  73. The "Professional" Cuts the Aces
  74. Right Card—Wrong Colour
  75. Avis Handling for Jennings' "Royal Triumph"
  76. Seven and Eleven Transpo
  77. Shuffled Deck Poker Deal
  78. Poker Demonstration
  79. Simultwins
  80. Siva's Aces
  81. The Avis Multiple Glide
  82. "Skullo" Handling
  83. Table Reverse Location
  84. The Tabled Reverse—Again
  85. Thought Card Transposition
  86. Tunnel Change
  87. 2-4-6-8-Find
  88. Undercover Assembly
  89. Who Wants Another Collectors?
  90. No Fake Card in Balloon
  91. Will the Cards Match? Variation
  92. Meeting Jack Birnman

    Chapter Two Card Sleights, Subtleties and Other Artifices

  93. An Idea for Adding a Card to the Top of the Deck
  94. Notes on the Bizarre Twist
  95. A One Hand Twist
  96. The Diagonal Twist
  97. To Control a Card to a Known Position
  98. Centre Packet Switch
  99. Centre Double Lift Variation
  100. A Control
  101. Ideas with a "Cutaway Deck"
  102. Demo Deal
  103. Double Flip Change
  104. A Move with the Double Undercut
  105. The Finger Clip Cull
  106. Flip—Up Put Back Count A Utility Move
  107. A Discourse on a Force Procedure
  108. A Routine using the Avis Double Knife Force
  109. Thoughts on my Hindu Force Variation
  110. Ideas for Forcing
  111. A Method for the Cut and Stop Force
  112. Another Force
  113. The Magician Magazine
  114. Illogical False Cut a la Vernon
  115. Use of Key Card with Dribble Selection
  116. A False Cut
  117. Lace Through False Shuffle and Cut
  118. Left Side Double Deal
  119. Avis Handling for the Leipzig Pass
  120. Technique for a Multiple Slip Cut
  121. Some Thoughts on Old Card Routines
  122. A Little Extra with the Multi—Spelling
  123. A Placement Idea with the Master Move
  124. Plot Idea for a Card Trick
  125. Patter Lines
  126. A Presentation
  127. Spectator learns a Trick
  128. A Punch Deal that Isn't
  129. Double Location
  130. Riffle Shuffle Control
  131. Siva's Switch
  132. A Stack
  133. A Switch Move
  134. The Weave and Waterfall Bottom Palm
  135. Table Edge Palm
  136. Zarrow Shuffle Thoughts
  137. A Zarrow Shuffle Setting—up Technique
  138. A Zarrow Shuffle Tip
  139. Historical Items and Magical Facts

    Chapter Three Effects without Cards

  140. Count Dracula
  141. The Last Straw
  142. The Magnetic Straw
  143. Message from Hades
  144. Name that Tune
  145. The Ghost Pen
  146. A Tale of Two Slates
  147. Scarab without a Brainwave
  148. My List of Best Trouble-Free 'Workers'
  149. Migratory Coins the "All Fair" Way
  150. Four Coins under Cards—Opening Steal
  151. No Pockets Stand—Up Routine for Silver—Copper—Brass Transpo
  152. Coin Box Idea
  153. Triple Coin Penetration
  154. Strip of Paper Torn in Half
  155. Three Pellet Routine
  156. Three Shell Game
  157. Finger Ring Release (Harvey Rosenthal)
  158. Ribbon and Ring — Avis Notes
  159. Torn and Restored Banknote
  160. Mike Skinner Lecture

word count: 48532 which is equivalent to 194 standard pages of text