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Coauthors: Don Tanner

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Don Tanner & Jack Dean
The Complete The Mentalist by Don Tanner & Jack Dean

Enjoy the great mental magic by contributors such as Al Koran, Bill Miesel, Peter Warlock, Dai Vernon, U.F. Grant, Eddie Clever and even T. A. Waters, and of course a good amount by Don Tanner and Jack Dean themselves.

You will receive issues 1 (October 1962) - 33 (September 1965) and the incomplete issue number 34. Includes a foreword by Paul Alberstat.

No. 1

  • Central Time / North Bigbee
  • Impromptu Clip Board / U. F. Grant
  • Mindevelopmental / Howard A. Adams
  • Mental Memos / Don Tanner

No. 2

  • ESP Elimination / Joe White
  • Long Wave Reception / T. A. Waters
  • Shine / Jack Ketch
  • Mental Memos / Don Tanner

No. 3

  • Bold / Julies...
★★★★★ $35
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