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Jack Miller

(Brooklyn, New York City, NY: 11th February 1884 - 23rd December 1962)

Inspired by and learned from father's gift of magic trick from Maurer's at age 10. Then apprenticed with The Great Cosgrove. Debut in 1898 with cups and balls. Professional illustrator and amateur magician. Later pro magician. Billed in 1920s as the "Giant Card King". Famous for his Egg Bag and his 5-ring Linking Rings routines. Taught George Gore, Julian M. Olf, etc.

Invented King Koin. See Bob Novak, Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine (1945, 36pp), Jack Miller, Jack Miller’s Egg Bag Routine (1959, 10pp), and George Gore, The Linking Rings of Jack Miller (1973, 76pp). Tricks in Sphinx and Chronicles.

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Jack Miller
Linking Ring Routine by Jack Miller

Harlan Tarbell said to this publication: "The greatest work ever published on Linking Rings." Jack's long cherished secrets are yours in his ring through ring, ring through arms, special three-ring routine, a.s.o.

On top of the linking ring instructions Jack Miller also shares with you a separate chapter on ring and rope penetrations. These latter methods are so ingenious and puzzling as to seem uncanny, and are rarely seen performed.

1st edition 1945, 32 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 30 pages.

★★★★ $3
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