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James Swoger

James Swoger

#1 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(January 26th, 1918 - November 2nd, 2006)

James Swoger was an American magician, magic dealer, and author. He started Regow's House of Enchantment in 1937, which his mother managed. (Regow's was Swoger spelled backward.) An early pioneer of manufacturing magic tricks from plastic materials, Swoger was one of the largest makers of retail magic in the 1950s. He also produced various mental and magic effects for sale through Ed Mellon in the early 1950s.

James is recognized as the originator of the Tricky Bottles effect and several others.

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James Swoger
Enchanted Ball Manipulation by James Swoger

All sleights - no gimmicks. A brilliant book of magic with billiard balls.

There's something to be said for manipulative magic, for there is nothing to hide once the routine is finished. The various moves, effects and routines can be interspersed with the regular multiplying billiard balls effect to create a blended act that leaves your audience breathless. And what performer worth his or her salt doesn't strive for that?

Partial contents:

  • Hat and Ball Routine
  • Stealing a Billiard Ball from the Pocket
  • Billiard Ball Vanish and Recovery
  • Vanishing a Ball into the Coat Pocket
  • Ball Vanish...
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