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Enchanted Ball Manipulation
by James Swoger

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Enchanted Ball Manipulation by James Swoger

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All sleights - no gimmicks. A brilliant book of magic with billiard balls.

There's something to be said for manipulative magic, for there is nothing to hide once the routine is finished. The various moves, effects and routines can be interspersed with the regular multiplying billiard balls effect to create a blended act that leaves your audience breathless. And what performer worth his or her salt doesn't strive for that?

Partial contents:

  • Hat and Ball Routine
  • Stealing a Billiard Ball from the Pocket
  • Billiard Ball Vanish and Recovery
  • Vanishing a Ball into the Coat Pocket
  • Ball Vanish Using the Trouser Pocket
  • A Startling Ball Vanish
  • Penetration of a Ball Through the Trousers
  • Color Changing Ball in Handkerchief
  • Vanishing a Ball with Handkerchief
  • Simplified Multiplying Ball Routine
  • Dr. Shelton's Golf Ball Routine

"There are 11 sleights and routines that I have not seen in print before. A nice job, and recommended to all manipulators." - John Braun

"An attractively produced work. 54 illustrations. The Dr. Shelton [Golf Ball Routine] will become a favorite for some. Besides the routine, which is effective, the patter is good entertainment." - Lloyd E. Jones

Magic World revised edition features a new chapter, plus additional content.

1st edition 1959, PDF 29 pages.
word count: 5719 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text


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