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Janus V3
by Gerard Zitta


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Janus V3 by Gerard Zitta

A practical and easy two-way out system.

Janus V3 is a very simple and practical two-way out system. It is impromptu and everything is examinable before and after. It allows you to leave your business card.

To describe it, we can compare it to another system by Scott Guinn called Assertive positive/negative.

  • The reader must also know another principle by Max Maven (in Videomind Volume 2) but the method and presentation are completely different.
  • It also uses business cards (or jumbo cardboard cards).
  • It can be done anytime with no setup. It is impromptu if you have a 'little something' with you (It is not a gimmick, it is a common and natural object you need during the performance).
  • Besides that, everything else can be borrowed and examined. No preparation is needed, no sleight of hand, no funny business, but a clever subtlety that plays well, that you can adapt to your presentation, and that allows you to give the card away as a souvenir in all cases.
  • The business card can be signed by the spectator, and all can be turned over by the participant. (Unlike Gerard's other Janus V1, it does not have to be held in the performer's hands to show the result. Everything can be put on the table and in full view.
Key points:
  • Only one question is asked ... No gag, no joke is used for the "out". (The "out" can be adapted to your patter or your style).
  • Can be repeated … and with a different out, it will still look similar.
  • It uses normal props (business cards, normal pen, etc.)

1st edition 2013, 14 pages.
word count: 1720 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text