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Jason Hice

Jason Hice

Jason Hice is a professional magician in Arizona. He performs at private events all over the phoenix metro area. He performed his first show in late 2018, it was a 3-year-olds birthday party. Since then, he has performed for both kids and adults professionally in both stand-up shows, and close-up strolling at numerous events. In addition to performing, he is also a developer of new ideas in the magic industry. He wrote the book: "How to Stimulate Humans" and released it in 2023. He has continued to develop new ways to engage and amuse a crowd.


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Jason Hice
How to Stimulate Humans - in all kinds of ways by Jason Hice

Have you ever wondered how the biggest names in entertainment are able to get such powerful reactions from their audiences? You probably have. One of their tactics is what I call the "stimy". Contained within this ebook is an explanation of the stimy, and how you can implement this concept in your own routines. Whether you're a professional, are looking to be one, or you just perform socially, I believe this information might help you perform stronger entertainment. For this reason, I am offering it to you completely free.

BONUS: includes my personal routine "the bubble bag" to demonstrate...

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