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Jinx Program No. 3
by Ted Annemann

#1 Mentalism & Spiritism author
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Jinx Program No. 3 by Ted Annemann
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A completely routined and explained magical club program running thirty minutes. All may be carried in a suitcase.

1st edition 1939, PDF 22 pages.

  1. A Flash Ribbon Restoration. John K. Bays.
  2. Twentieth Century Cards. Annemann.
  3. Simplex Torn Card And Balloon. Lu-Brent.
  4. The Lemon And The Dollar. Conrad Bush.
  5. The Supreme East Indian Needle Feat. Annemann.
  6. The Super Slates. Annemann.
  7. A Ring In Transit. Eddie Clever.
  8. Finale Trick. Keith Clark.
  9. Last Minute Notes.
  10. Ads.

word count: 7958 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text