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Lu Brent

Lu Brent

(Camden, New Jersey: 24th November 1903 - 31st March 1993)

Of Russian-Polish parents. Born Boleslaw Jósef Lubrant, changed to Benjamin Joseph Lubrent. Aka "Lu-Brent". Also signed himself "B. Lu Brent". Inspired at age c15 seeing Horace Goldin show. US Army Signal Corps 1921-27. Semi-pro since 1927 and pro since 1930.

Invented Cig-O-Test by 1932, the build-it-yourself Card Castle in 1945, Two Into Ones (folded $2 bill opens into two $1 bills) in 1948, the Diminishing Bills in 1950, and Bill to Matches in 1961.

Wrote Novel Magic (1932; repr 1946, 43pp), Torn and Restored Magazine Cover (1939, 8pp; 2nd ed 1953, 9pp), Super Card Mysteries [1933], Five Star Card Effects (1943), Fifteen Star Card Effects (1956, 26pp), Totally Refreshing Ideas and Carefully Kept Secrets (1966, 38pp), and Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks (2 vols, 1969, 1974, 42pp+45pp). Articles in Sphinx, Jinx, Tops, Phoenix, Ireland's YB:1952, Dope Sheet, Genii, Pallbearers, and Magigram.

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Lu Brent
Novel Magic by Lu Brent

This famous book is once again available in a new, revision edition.

Professional magicians and reviewers have given this book an amazing reception. The reason is plain to see, for here is a collection of the very smartest magic, devised and used in his own act by Lu Brent, the topnotch Philadelphia professional. Those who know have called the book sensational, others, novel and original, while all highly endorse the practical value and the effectiveness of the magic that is so thoroughly explained and illustrated. There is something of value for every performer, as the table of contents...

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