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Joe Artanis

Joe Artanis

(? - 1962)

Artanis, real name Joe Sinatra, was a gambling specialist rather than a magician. He was friend and contemporary of Vernon, Horowitz, and Cardini. His death was unusual. He was challenged to a running race, which he won, and then dropped dead of a heart attack.

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Joe Artanis
Artanis Bottom Deal by Joe Artanis

It took us two years to track down a copy of these elusive instructions to the bottom deal. Gary Plants, the man with the best bottom deal alive, wrote "The Artanis bottom deal is probably the closest thing in print to the type of bottom deal that I do."

The really cool part of this ebook is that you can study the bottom deal audio-visually: hear, see and read. Artanis explains verbally how to do the bottom deal, you can study 12 photos that capture every stage of the bottom deal, and you can read a set of instructions. The electronic format allowed us to further improve the audio-visual...

★★★★ $35
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