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Joe Karson

Joe Karson

(12th November 1912 - 1980)

Born in 1912 in Providence, Rhode Island, Joe Karson (his real name at birth was Joseph Alexander Chrzanowski) was bitten by the “magic bug” at the age of 10 after witnessing a local magic performance. By the age of 16 he was working in a magic shop in Springfield, Massachusetts and perfecting his own performing skills. Within a year he began performing one-nighters around New England with his Chinese theme magic act called, “Chan Lin and Company.”

During the decades of the 1930’s and 1940’s Karson established himself as a comedic performer, now mostly performing as himself in western clothes (only occasionally performing the Chinese act for magic conventions). But it was also at this time that he made his mark as a magic dealer. He was one of the founding members of the Magic Dealers’ Association and invented and built much of the magic he sold in his shop in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was in 1943 when he first advertised the trick that he is most remembered for today, Zombie. Although Zombie is very common today, when it first appeared on the scene in 1943 it was quite a sensation. Karson was also a prolific writer and penned many booklets that he self-published through his company, Karson’s Xclusives.

Joe Karson made quite a name for himself as a magic dealer and popular performer, frequently stealing the show when he appeared at magic conventions. However, due to his battle with alcoholism, he slipped into obscurity during the late 1950’s and 1960’s and all but disappeared from the magic community by the time of his death in 1980 at the age of 67.

Coauthors: Michael E. Rose

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Joe Karson
Further Tips on Zombie by Joe Karson

The original book Tips on Zombie was published in 1946 and has long been out of print. The Abbott Magic Company acquired the rights to this book. Neil Foster compiled the additional material and the book has been revised and greatly enlarged. Magic's Number One illustrator, Sid Lorraine, contributed the more than sixty detailed illustrations. If you are interested in performing the famous "Zombie" effect, you must have this ebook. The contents include:

  • Zombie
  • Zombie Gimmicks (6 different types)
  • The Start on the Arm
  • Zombie Vanish (4 methods)
  • The John Calvert Story
  • The No-Gimmick Zombie
  • Will Desmond's...
★★★★★ $4
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Joe Karson
Il gioco più veloce del mondo by Joe Karson

Si tratta di una vera e propria lezione di ARTE DELLA SCENA

Questo gioco è l'epitome del talento comico di Joe Karson. Oltre che per essere universalmente conosciuto per l'invenzione della palla volante "Zombie", questo trucco è l'unica altra cosa che viene spesso ricordata quando si parla di Karson. Quando scrisse questo opuscolo, Karson era sulla cresta dell'onda. Il gioco di carte più veloce del mondo era spesso il punto culminante dei congressi magici e degli shows cui partecipava Karson.

In questo opuscolo, Karson, spiega nei minimi dettagli l'intero funzionamento del gioco...

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Joe Karson & Michael E. Rose
Joe Karson Compilation by Joe Karson & Michael E. Rose

Joe Karson's writings cover the whole spectrum of magic, from cards and mentalism to stage illusions and everything in between. Karson was very creative and prolific. Although most readers will be interested in the secrets contained here, this compilation of his publications also serves another purpose. By bringing the material to the attention of modern magicians they become documentation of the credit due to Karson for his creations. Most magicians are aware that the Zombie Floating Ball is Karson's invention. However, there are other effects that Karson created but somehow, over the years,...

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Joe Karson
The World's Fastest Card Trick by Joe Karson

This is the epitome of Karson's comedic talent. Other than "Zombie" this trick is often the only other thing remembered about Joe Karson. When he published this effect, Karson was riding the crest of his wave of popularity. The World's Fastest Card Trick was often a show stopper when he performed it at various magic conventions and shows.

Karson explains in this ebook the entire work on this trick. He gives the reader the presentation, the method, the patter, and most importantly, the timing. This trick literally got screams of laughter.

[For a discussion of this effect by Ken de Courcy see Ken de Courcy Discusses "The World's Fastest Card Trick".

1st edition 1948; 11 pages....

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