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Michael E. Rose

Michael E. Rose

Michael Rose makes his living as a magician. He has been involved with the performance and study of magic for just about as long as he’s been alive. Growing up in Flint, Michigan, Michael became interested in magic when he received an Adams magic set at the age of eight. He has performed his comedy magic in almost every conceivable environment in over twenty-five states and Canada. Some of those shows have been in such venues as: dinner theaters, comedy clubs, corporate events, Renaissance Festivals, mental institutions (no kidding!), school assemblies, street performing, on ships, in malls, at the Vice Presidential residence on repeat occasions, and a Presidential Inauguration, too. Michael is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, and the Magic Collectors’ Association.


Coauthors: Joe Karson

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Joe Karson & Michael E. Rose
Joe Karson Compilation by Joe Karson & Michael E. Rose

Joe Karson's writings cover the whole spectrum of magic, from cards and mentalism to stage illusions and everything in between. Karson was very creative and prolific. Although most readers will be interested in the secrets contained here, this compilation of his publications also serves another purpose. By bringing the material to the attention of modern magicians they become documentation of the credit due to Karson for his creations. Most magicians are aware that the Zombie Floating Ball is Karson's invention. However, there are other effects that Karson created but somehow, over the years,...

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Michael E. Rose
Joe Karson Beyond Zombie by Michael E. Rose

Joe Karson, of course, invented the famous "Zombie" floating ball, but there was quite a bit more to Karson than just that.

The ebook is divided into two main sections; Karson's biography and Karson's creations (books, tricks and commentary). It has 29 photos, most not seen in many years. Besides extensive research in New England public records, several people who knew Karson were also interviewed, both magicians and laymen. Some of the well known magic personalities interviewed were; John Calvert, Jim Cellini, Ray & Ann Goulet, Jay Marshall, Sidney Radner, Nick Ruggiero, Les Smith, Tony Spina, Ben Stone, Parker...

★★★★★ $20
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)