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John Benzais

(USA: 1940-1967) Learned at age 14 from apparatus tricks he bought from dealers. Three years later, bored with these, he turned to sleight-of-hand. Semi-pro close-up artist. Worked a Svengali pitch for Dave Walker. Author and lecturer. Wrote (with Al Aldini) The Best of Benzais (1967, 108pp). Tricks in Pallbearers, Gen, The Bennett Touch (1986), and Magic Afoot (1988).

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John Benzais
The Best of Benzais (used) by John Benzais

Softcover stapled in good condition. Exlibris from Ben D. Pivo stamped on inside cover. For details on contents see the digital edition.

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John Benzais
The Best of Benzais by John Benzais

A classic publication with wonderful coin magic, some card tricks and cut and restored rope. Slydini adopted some routines from Benzais.

  • The "Coins Through The Table"
    • First Effect (For One Coin)
    • Second Effect (For Two Coins)
    • Third Effect (For Four Coins)
    • Han Ping 'Benzais'
    • With Six Coins
    • Something Extra The Benzais Grip
    • Again With Six Coins
    • It Doesn't Belong Here
    • One Handed Method
  • Just A Few More "Coin Tricks"
    • 5c For Your Thoughts
    • The Benzais Concealment
    • Transit Dime
    • Follow-Up For Transit
    • A Simple Vanish
    • Another Simple Vanish
    • Not So Simple
  • Different Types Of Card Tricks ...
★★★★★ $10
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)