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John Henry Pepper

John Henry Pepper

(17th June 1821 - 25th March 1900)

John Henry Pepper was a British scientist and inventor. He is mostly known for Pepper's Ghost, an improved stage projection method created by Henry Dircks. He toured, educated, and entertained with scientific demonstrations and technological innovations. He oversaw the introduction of evening lectures at the Royal Polytechnic Institution (University of Westminster) and wrote several important science education books. In Australia he tried unsuccessfully to make it rain using electrical conduction and large explosions.

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John Henry Pepper
The True History of Pepper's Ghost by John Henry Pepper

John Henry Pepper took a projection invention of Henry Dircks, called The Ghost, with his permission, and made it practical so that it could more easily be performed. He earned a lot of money staging it. Even though Dircks did not want any payments from Pepper, there was a falling out between the two because the invention became known as Pepper's Ghost. Dircks wanted to have his name associated with it. This prompted Dircks to write The Ghost. Pepper's answer to that publication and dispute came almost 30 years later in this work The True History of the Ghost.

He also includes the history and working of Metempsychosis...

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