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John Wyman

John Wyman

(Albany, New York: 19th January 1816 - 31st July 1881)

Pro ventriloquist to pro magician. Authored (ghosted by E.W. Lathram, a hack) Wyman's Hand-Book of Magic (1851, 70pp; with several editions) and Jokes and Anecdotes of Wyman, The Magician and Ventriloquist (1866, 112pp; repr 1871, 108pp). His nearly comprehensive scrapbook is in the Mulholland Collection.

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John Wyman
Wyman's Hand-Book of Magic by John Wyman

This work covers a lot of ground, from various parlor tricks, chemical tricks, card tricks, to a section on two person codes, and a section on artifices of cardsharks.

  • description Of The Magician's Table
  • How To Make A Person Jump
  • The Invisible Chicken, Or Enchanted Egg Bag, As Performed By The Celebrated Wyman
  • Scrap, Or Blowing Book, As Performed By Potter
  • Gun Cotton - How Prepared
  • Sympathetic Inks
  • Apparatus For Writing In The Dark
  • Dancing Turkeys
  • The Self-Balanced Pail
  • Sympathetic Lamp
  • The Gas Candle
  • Ice Made In A Red Hot Vessel
  • Magical Colours
  • The Magic Nosegay Blowing At The...
★★★★ $8
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