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Wyman's Hand-Book of Magic
by John Wyman


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Wyman's Hand-Book of Magic by John Wyman

This work covers a lot of ground, from various parlor tricks, chemical tricks, card tricks, to a section on two person codes, and a section on artifices of cardsharks.

  • description Of The Magician's Table
  • How To Make A Person Jump
  • The Invisible Chicken, Or Enchanted Egg Bag, As Performed By The Celebrated Wyman
  • Scrap, Or Blowing Book, As Performed By Potter
  • Gun Cotton - How Prepared
  • Sympathetic Inks
  • Apparatus For Writing In The Dark
  • Dancing Turkeys
  • The Self-Balanced Pail
  • Sympathetic Lamp
  • The Gas Candle
  • Ice Made In A Red Hot Vessel
  • Magical Colours
  • The Magic Nosegay Blowing At The Word Of Command
  • Theory Of The Jew's Harp
  • Mons. Adrian's Great Trick Of The Egyptian Fluids Or Impossibilities Accomplished
  • The Divinating Perspective Glass
  • Herr Alexandre's Mode Of Performing The Egg Bag Trick
  • Freezing With Liquid
  • Metalic Vegetation
  • To Take Impressions Of Coins, Metals, &c
  • To Pour Wine, Vinegar, And Water, Out Of The Same Bottle
  • Enchanted Coin, As Performed By Mons. Adrian
  • Mysterious Coin, Or How To Make Dollars Pass Through A Wine Glass, A China Plate, A Table, And Fall Into The Hand
  • Theophrastus Paracelsus; Or, The Pigeon Killed By The Thrust Of A Sword Given To Its Shade Or Image
  • Destruction Of Two Fluid Bodies, And The Formation Of One New Solid In Their Stead
  • Two Invisible Substances, Each Having A Pungent Smell, Converted Into One Visible Compound, Having No Smell
  • Destruction Of Two Bodies, And The Formation Of A New Body
  • Fire Works In Miniature
  • The Changeable Cards, Or Gamblers Outwitted
  • The Inexhaustible Bottle
  • The Tin Tree
  • Blind Abbess And Her Nuns
  • Crystallization Upon Cinder
  • How To Eat Fire
  • The Miniature River On Fire
  • The Dancing Card
  • Wyman's Gun Trick
  • The Invisible Springs
  • The Vicar Puffed
  • Combustion In And Under Water
  • The Magician's Snow Ball. This Is One Of The Faker Of Ava's Best Feats.
  • The Astonishing Hindoo Miracle, As Performed By Wm. Marshall, The Original Faker Of Ava
  • The Wonderful Orange Tree, As Performed By The Wizard Wyman
  • To Kill A Bird And Restore It To Life Again
  • To Change Salt To Sugar
  • Turning A Glove Into A Bird, &c
  • The Cards Named Discovered With The Eyes Blinded
  • The Magic Ring
  • The Cards In The Opera Glass
  • The Burnt Writing Restored
  • Preface To The Second Sight Mystery
    • Notice
    • Lesson I
    • Lesson II
    • Lesson III
    • Lesson IV
    • Bell Questions
    • Bell Exercises
    • Conclusion
  • Exposure Of The Card Tricks, Made Use Of By Professional Card Players And Sportsmen
    • Whist
      • Reflectors
      • The Longs And Shorts
      • Sauter La Coupe
      • Convex And Concave Cards
      • Handling The Cards
      • Garreting
      • Slipping The Cards
      • Walking The Pegs
      • Pricked Cards
      • The Bridge
      • Skinning
      • Shuffling Or Weaving
      • The Gradus, Or Step
      • Slipping The Fives
      • Saddling The Cards
      • Dealing The Fives From The Bottom
      • The Telegraph
    • The Dice Board
      • Dice And Dice-Boxes
      • Loaded Dice
      • Cogging, Now Called Securing
      • Scratched Dice
      • The Doctor Dice-Box
      • Unequal Dice
    • The Dangers Of A Gaming Table

1st edition 1851; 2nd edition 1855 72 pages; PDF 61 pages.
word count: 21537 which is equivalent to 86 standard pages of text

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