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Joseph Leeming

Joseph Leeming

(USA: 15th June 1897 - 27th September 1968)

Joseph M. Sarandrea had several stage and pen names including "Professor Paradise" and "Professor Zingare" as stage names. Under pen name "Joseph Leeming" wrote several books, including Magic for Everybody (1928), Fun with Boxes (1937), Tricks Any Boy Can Do (1938), Fun with Paper (1939), Fun with String (1940), More Fun with Magic (1948, 89pp), Papercraft (1949), and Tricks and Stunts with Playing Cards (1949). One was translated into German as Das Zauberbuch (Stuttgart: 1965). Also wrote on other subjects including ships, puzzles, and games.

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Joseph Leeming
Fun with String by Joseph Leeming

A collection of string games, useful braiding weaving, knot work and magic with string and rope.

From the introduction:

Each and every one of us sees or uses pieces of string nearly every day. There are very few, however, who have been initiated into the wonderland of fascinating things that can be done and made with this commonplace article of daily use. Once one does discover the different things that can be made and the games that can be played with string, a new world is opened up. Anyone who once contracts a genuine case of "string fever" will have little difficulty in amusing himself...

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