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Fun with String
by Joseph Leeming


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Fun with String by Joseph Leeming

A collection of string games, useful braiding weaving, knot work and magic with string and rope.

From the introduction:

Each and every one of us sees or uses pieces of string nearly every day. There are very few, however, who have been initiated into the wonderland of fascinating things that can be done and made with this commonplace article of daily use. Once one does discover the different things that can be made and the games that can be played with string, a new world is opened up. Anyone who once contracts a genuine case of "string fever" will have little difficulty in amusing himself or interesting others. Time will rarely hang heavy on his hands, as long as a piece of string is available.

Some of the string crafts, such as square knot work, weaving, and braiding, will provide some interested readers, it is hoped, with a life-long hobby. Square knot work, in particular, with which an almost unlimited number of designs can be produced by combining the different methods of knotting, is one of the most fascinating of all the handicrafts, and one that is as yet but little known or practiced in this country.

  • Foreword
  • Magic With String And Rope
    • The Dissolving String
    • Hand In Pocket
    • The Two Captives
    • The Cut And Restored String (1)
    • The Cut And Restored String (2)
    • The Magic Loops
    • Fingers And Thumbs
    • The Nose And String Trick
    • The Ring And String Trick
    • The Scissors And String Trick
    • The String In The Buttonhole
    • The Dissolving Knot
    • The Laced Fingers
    • The String Through The Fingers
    • The Magically Tied Knot
    • The String And Straw Trick
    • String From Nowhere
    • Through The Fingertips
    • The Ring Magically Knotted On A String
    • The Vanishing Knots
    • The Knotted Rope
    • The Decapitation Rope Trick
    • The Dissolving Loops
    • The Chevalier Rope Escape
    • The Bound-Wrist Rope Escape
    • The Thumb-Tie Escape
    • The Great Chair Escape
    • The Neck And Knee Rope Tie
    • The Behind-The-Back Rope Tie
    • Dissolving Knots
    • The Twentieth-Century Rope Tie
    • The Chair Rope Tie
  • Knots, Splices, And Fancy Knot Work
    • Knots
    • Elementary Knots
    • Knots For Joining Two Ropes Together
    • Knots For Securing Ropes To Rings Or Spars
    • Knots Used To Make A Loop Or A Noose
    • Knots Used For Shortening A Rope
    • Ornamental And Other Knots
    • Whipping And Seizing
    • Splicing
    • Square-Knot Work
    • Square-Knot Belts
    • Square-Knot Shade Pulls
    • Square-Knot Neckties
    • A Square-Knot Centerpiece
    • A Square-Knot Handbag
  • Netting And Simple Knot-Work
    • A Netted Cord Hammock
    • A Tennis Net
    • Knotted Bags
    • A Portière
    • A Tied Or Knotted Cord Hammock
    • A Fish Net
  • Useful Things Made With Rope And String
    • Clothes-Rope Rugs
    • Spool Knitting
    • Watch-Chains Made Of String
    • Flat Plaited Cord Belts
    • How To Cut A String Without Knife Or Scissors
    • A Rope Tree Climber
    • An Anti-Slam Device
    • Wrought Mats
    • Indian Belts
    • Changing From One Method To The Other
    • Adding New Cords
    • Ending The Belt
    • Belt Designs
    • How To Make And Throw A Lariat
    • Throwing The Lariat
    • Weaving
    • A Cardboard Loom For Weaving Square And Oblong Fabrics
    • A Hand-Woven Bag
    • Hand-Woven Mats
    • A Doll's Hammock
    • A Circular Mat And A Tam-O'-Shanter
    • Tablet Weaving
    • Daisy Mats
    • A Pillow Top
    • Braiding
    • Braided Bracelets And Rings
    • A Braided Dog Leash
    • A Braided Whistle Lanyard
    • Braided Jute Yarn Sandals
    • Rugs Made Of Braided Jute Yarn
    • String Games And Figures
    • General Instructions
    • A Fish Spear
    • An Outrigger Canoe
    • Man On A Bed
    • Carrying Wood
    • The Caribou
    • An Eskimo House And Two Eskimos Running Away
    • The Tern
    • A Man Climbing A Tree
    • An Apache Door
    • The Fighting Headhunters
    • The Leashing Of Lochiel's Dogs
    • The Setting Sun
    • Osage Indian Diamonds
    • Bagobo Diamonds
    • The Sea-Cow
    • Cheating The Hangman
    • The Sawmill
  • Bibliography

1st edition 1940, 161 pages; PDF 136 pages.
word count: 44550 which is equivalent to 178 standard pages of text