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Julio's Psychic Pizza Menu
by (Benny) Ben Harris


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Julio's Psychic Pizza Menu by (Benny) Ben Harris

Julio's Psychic Pizza is an easy to perform and completely self-working prediction that allows a spectator to predict a pizza style (Olives and Anchovies, Italian, Classic, Hawaiian, etc) and the appropriate base (thick or thin) and an accompanying beverage (Milkshake, Iced Tea, Cola, Orange juice, etc).

The performer introduces a colorful and glossy menu from Julio's Psychic Pizza Shop (est. 1971). Printed on the inside is a psychic circle of pizza styles representing what's available.The spectator thinks of any number between 1--1000 (no force) and counts around the circle (either clockwise or anti-clockwise -- free choice) to select the topping, the base, and an accompanying drink. (Keep in mind that while any number can be chosen, the higher the number the longer it will take for the spectator to count around the circle. We suggest to keep it below 20 or 30.)

Once done, the audience imagines the finished product (let's say a Hawaiian on a thick base with a Pepsi on the side.) Then, to everyone's surprise the menu is flipped over and the EXACT SAME PIZZA & DRINK is photographed on the menu's back. A perfect hit.

This is a great effect to leave lying around the house, office, or in your car's glovebox, just waiting for someone to say, "I'm feeling hungry."

Please note:

  • No forces, the spectator can think of ANY number from 1--1000
  • 8 pizza styles available to choose.
  • 2 Pizza bases available to choose.
  • 8 Drink options available to choose.
  • Color menu can be printed out on a home printer.
  • Both A4 and Letter-sized artwork supplied.

1st edition 2016, 17 pages.
word count: 1069 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 22 June, 2016

Here's a new trick from the prolific Ben Harris, where you, the mentalist, successfully predict the type of pizza and accompanying beverage the spectator will choose. You get simple instructions and some nice graphics to create your own full-color "menu" using your own color printer. The effect is nearly self-working. You merely have to remember one easy principle; the menu then does all the work for you.

This is a cute trick. As a theme, everyone likes pizza, and the thought of "Wouldn't it be great if you could just think of the kind of pizza and drink that you wanted?" will make you smile. As for the working, there's nothing new here: It's Phill Smith's Quinta-like "counting" plus Bill Goldman's Mental Yarn "principle," the latter making the trick clever after the much weaker initial process.

As I'm fond of saying, "This is no world-beater." It's one of those in-betweener routines for the middle of a show, bordering on an effect you toss-off for your friends. But I use the thought of pizza in a much different routine, so this could work as a nice follow-up to that one. For $8, you can't go wrong with the instant download, though it would be nice for the money if you got the pre-made, laminated menu. Overall, it's a polite "golf clap" to Julio's Psychic Pizza Menu, rather than a full-blown standing ovation.