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by David Devlin


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Trapped by David Devlin

The effect is pretty simple and straight forward. A card is selected. In fact, the spectator can change his mind and select a different card! The spectator then signs the card across its face. The card is then folded into quarters with the face side out, so that both the identity of the card and the signature can be seen throughout the performance. An empty mason jar with its lid firmly in place is shown. The card is now slapped against the bottom of the jar, and instantly and visibly the card penetrates the jar, and is now trapped inside! The spectators can clearly see that it is in fact the selected card that has been signed! The jar is opened. The card is slowly dumped out, unfolded, and is immediately given to the spectator for full examination. The jar, the lid, the card, and everything else may be completely examined as they are all ungimmicked!

The effect is explained in great detail in the eBook, plus there are links to several videos that make learning everything an absolute breeze! This is actually very easy to do!

Also included are two new utility sleights that are easy to do! They are the "Devlin's Little Bottom" (No, not that "little bottom". Sorry. ) and "The Gamick Switch". This switch is so clean that it squeaks! You will use these easy and versatile sleights all the time!

David also gives two alternate presentations. In the first, the spectator will never get (or want to get) the card out of the jar. The spectator can keep the jar with the card trapped inside forever. In fact, the jar with the card inside might become a family heirloom and may be kept on permanent display in their homes!

In the other alternate version, the card is magically and visibly removed from the jar. It is then instantly and without any switches of any kind given to the spectator to keep forever. This is an excellent piece of elegant close-up magic.

1st edition 2014, 19 pages.
word count: 5815 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Didier Dupré (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 08 June, 2014

Hello, Shame ... I like your ideas ... and ... I have a feeling of deja view. Good day