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(* January 23, 1903 in Backnang; † December 24, 1963 in Gaildorf)

Kalanag alias Helmut Schreiber, born Helmut Ewald Schreiber, was a film producer, magic official and a famous German magician and illusionist in the early Federal Republic. In the 1950s, Kalanag toured Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, Turkey and Switzerland with an ensemble of up to 80 people. At that time, Kalanag was the only grand illusionist in the world who still toured with such an elaborate show. An important element of his shows was always his wife and partner Gloria de Vos (Anneliese Voß). As his assistant with the amount of sex appeal allowed for the time, as well as a dancer, she added her special glamour to every performance.


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Publications (about Kalanag):

Malte Herwig: Der grosse Kalanag, Penguin Verlag, 2021, 470 p.; Czernewitz, Alfred: Kalanag – Helmut Schreiber, Ein Bilderbuch, Mai 2003, 236 p.; Rauscher, William: Kalanag – Magician of the Third Reich, 2016, with DVD and CD, 78 p.

Audio und Video:

Breese, Martin: Kalanag - Illusionist, A Live Recording Introduced by Goodliffe, The Magicassette Archive Series (1977); Kalanag - Der Meister und der Teufel, Dokumentation von Oliver Schwehm, DVD (2022)

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Kalanag Illusionist by Kalanag

Once again Goodliffe provides a stimulating introduction to another archive series recording. This time the subject is Kalanag - Master Illusionist.

The live recordings from Sim Sala Bim have been drawn from various sources. Without the marvelous introduction by Goodliffe this recording would simply be a record of the past but now, Kalanag lives again. Goodliffe was the first British magician who was allowed to see Kalanag's show from backstage.

Goodliffe starts with a short introduction on Helmut Schreiber, aka Kalanag, including some of his Nazi background, accusations, and counterpoints....

★★★★★ $12
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