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Katterfelto #1

by Simon J. Lea

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Katterfelto #1 by Simon J. Lea

Katterfelto magazine will be quarterly and available as a hard copy full color magazine or an e-book. (Here at the Lybrary only the e-book version is available.) The hard copy version will be sent out with a free gift.

Anyone purchasing the e-book version will be able to purchase the free gifts at a significantly reduced rate. All you have to do is email Simon at to claim your discount.

For the first edition the free gift is the Pocket Book Test. If you purchase this ebook you can get the Pocket Book Test for £6.00 (+s&h). For a description see further down under THE GIFT.

The magazine is divided into three parts:

  1. Theory, discussion and articles
  2. Effects
  3. A serialized longer book
  • Science & Magic, Philosophy & Occult
    A look at how Katterfelto himself mixed genres back in 18th Century London.
  • Readings as spiritual therapy
    An in-depth investigation into practicing readings of all varieties as a form of spiritual therapy, with the reader acting as a 'spiritual therapist'.
  • The problem of duplicity
    A look at a piece of mentalism theory applied to a particular mentalist prop, the blindfold bag (includes routine).
  • Bluff: Numerology
    Everything you need to know about using numerology for private readings. Includes methods and sample reading.
  • Taking a Chance
    A spectator is offered a free choice of any card from a shuffled deck. The card is returned (unseen by you) and the deck shuffled and cut. Two cards are then dealt face down on to the table. The spec is told that this is a demonstration of the power of belief - that whichever card the spectator turns over will be their chosen card if they truly believe that it will be. In a loud clear voice the spec announces "this card is the [names their card]" and to their amazement the card they turn over is the card they just named! The other card is then turned over and revealed to be any random card from the deck. Easy to do, no hard sleights and can be performed with a borrowed deck.
  • Stack17
    52 cards, each has a different word written on the blank side. Deck is shuffled, specs have free choice, each is asked to secretly read the face of the card and think of any TV show. Read some minds, reveal the shows. Deck can be examined at any time. You can even hand out a prediction envelope revealing the name of the shows your specs will think of before the effect. Easy to do - cards can be ribbon spread with spectators pulling out any card they choose. Almost unlimited applications, tailor subject for any audience.
  • Specsync
    Spectator A shuffles a deck of cards and begins dealing them face down, stopping whenever they like. Meanwhile, spectator B is offered a choice of envelopes each marked with a different ESP symbol. Spectator As card is revealed and Spectator B opens their envelope. The card inside the envelope matches the one randomly chosen by Spectator A.

    Alternatively, Spectator A draws any picture on a slate, pad or whiteboard. Spectator B choses an ESP marked envelope. Inside that envelope is a picture matching the one drawn by spec A. No impression devices or similar used.

    Or, Spectator A opens a book on any page and choses a word. Spectator B choses an ESP marked envelope. Inside that envelope is a word matching the one chosen by spec A.

  • Smirting
    Smirting is that mixture of smoking and flirting that occurs outside pubs and club across Britain now that the smoking ban is enforced. Cigarette magic has flourished in this new repressive environment! In Smirting, a lit cigarette is borrowed from a spectator, signed and then vanished only to reappear bagged up in another spectator's pocket or handbag!

    Alternative effect: a solid plate is put on top of an empty ashtray. A lit cigarette is borrowed and initialed as above. Holding the cigarette in your fist, you slam your hand on top of the plate. Magically, the cigarette passes through the plate and into the ashtray. Any spectator can lift off the plate and take the cigarette butt out of the ashtray to confirm it is the signed original!

  • Watch & Learn
    A psychological 'sucker' effect in which you explain to an audience how mentalism actually works. A spectator is given a choice of 5 different watches (you can apply the principle to any 5 objects). Once a watch has been freely chosen, genuine choice with no forces, you then reveal to the audience's amazement how you 'forced' the spectator to choose that particular watch. You then go on to make some amazingly accurate predictions about the choices that spectator will make - predictions you made prior to show!
  • Charmed
    Female spectator is asked to remove her charm bracelet. Each charm is different and she is asked to pick just one by clearly holding it between her fingers. She has a completely free choice. She is then handed an envelope and asked to open it. Inside is your business card on the back is a picture of the charm she just chose. Use your bracelet or a spectator's - doesn't have to be a charm bracelet - any distinct objects will do. Use the same principle for any sealed envelope prediction.
  • Girl on the bus
    A spectator is invited on stage and asked to select a handful of cards from an shuffled deck. She is then asked to imagine a girl riding a bus and staring out the window. Out of the window, the imaginary girl sees some amazing things, next to each of these things she also sees one of the chosen cards. So if the spec took six cards, she would imagine the girl on the bus seeing 6 amazings sights, with a different card next to each site. Once all the cards have been imagined, you can produce a prediction which - to the audience's amazement - reveals not only the chosen cards but the sights imagined by the spectator!

The serialized books in Katterfelto will normally be divided into four parts. They will cover more complex subjects and will typically cover areas that require a deeper understanding of the subject matter and principles involved. All serialized books will be available to buy separately for those who do not want to wait or to buy four editions of the magazine.

A complete course in Graphology

Anyone with some knowledge of mentalism can create effects based on 'reading people's handwriting' - is it another thing to be able to pass yourself off as a genuine grapho-analyst and be believed! This book teaches you how graphology works, the principles behind the science/art and how grapho-analysts actually to these put these ideas to work. The book discusses the scientific validity of graphology as well as the ethics of using grapho-analysis in business and in private readings. The aim of the book is to give the reader all they need to know to practice graphology for entertainment. Four complete routines are included, from public lectures to private readings.


Pocket Book Test

Hand the book to the spectator and ask them to open it at any page. They can riffle through the book and stop at any page, simply open it at any page, or think of a random number and open it at that page. It doesn't matter what page the spectator opens the book on - you will be able to know what word they choose! Give the spectator a chance to change their mind, let them choose a word on the previous or next page - let them choose both! Now they have two words in their mind, have them mentally pick one and then tell them what it is! A spectator randomly chooses two words, then mentally picks one and you tell them what word they chose!

Easy to perform, the Pocket Book Test is small and light enough to be easily carried around in your jacket pocket ready to be brought out whenever convenient.

2008; 80 pages.
word count: 38787 which is equivalent to 155 standard pages of text

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