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Keith Clark

Keith Clark

(Alsace-Lorraine, Germany: 26th April 1908 - 20th April 1979)

Stage name since 1926 of Pierre Feyss, of French parentage. Moved to Nice, France, after WW I. Pro since 1926. Aka "Pierre Cartier" (in 1938 and 1972), "Pier Cartier", and "Kepi Clarque" (after 1930s).

Pet effects: cigarette manipulation and the Inertia Trick (eggs in glasses). Played London, USA (1932-35), Australia (1935), and USA (1936-1950s). Returned to France in the 1950s.

Authored the classic Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks (1937, 308pp, ghosted by J. Hugard; 2nd ed rev 1952, 318pp) with French translation by Sardina (1958, 381pp); Keith Clark's Rope Royale (1942, 14pp, by John Braun); Celebrated Cigarettes (1943, 21pp); and Silks Supreme (1943, 18pp).

Charter member of the Club Magique de Paris (IBM Ring 191) 1969. Played Portugal in 1972 (as "Pierre Cartier"). A suicide. NOTE: He sometimes falsely claimed for patriotic reasons to have been born in Nancy, France.

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Keith Clark

Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith ClarkThis is truly an encyclopedic work including sleight of hand manipulation with cigarettes as well as all gimmicks, all explained with more than 300 photos. Pretty much everything that is to know about this subject is included in this ebook. Produce lit cigarettes endlessly, crush a burning cigarette in your hand and have it vanish and a lot more.
  • Preface To The First Edition
  • Foreword To The First Edition
  • Author's Preface To The First Edition
  • Editor's Preface To The Second Edition
  • Important Notice!
  • Chapter I: Introduction
    • I. The Cigarette
    • II. The Cigarette-Acts
    • III. Bibliography ...
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