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Kirk Kirkham

(Battle Creek, Michigan: 6th July 1926 - 3rd December 2001)

Semi-pro in high school. Served in 11th Airborne in WWII. In 1947 turned pro magician, working that season as assistant to Blackstone. In 1954 bought Will Rock's Harry Thurston props and name and adopted the latter's billing as "Thurston's Mysteries of India". In 1956 assisted Orson Welles in his Las Vegas act and on I Love Lucy TV show. Major collector of illusions, some of which he used in his stage show with assistant-wife Phyllis and their late son, Chris. TV bit on Regis Philbin show. Wrote TV Dove Classics (1959, 32pp). Retired in the 1980s in Las Vegas where he died of Alzheimer's.

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Kirk Kirkham
TV Dove Classics by Kirk Kirkham

More than 25 tricks, tips, and ideas for performing with live as well as life-like rubber doves. Tricks for TV, nightclubs, schools and theaters. If you are a dove worker, you can't afford not to own this wonderful, exciting ebook.

  • "About The Doves"
  • The Classic Glove To Dove
  • Technicolor Doves
  • Passe-Passe Doves
  • Hypnotizing A Dove
  • Challenge Vanish
  • Air Mail Dove
  • The Dove In The Balloon
  • Cone And Dove
  • The Supreme Gimmick
  • Bags Of Doves
  • Cane To Dove
  • Mexican Doves
  • Jap Doves
  • Blackstone's Vanish
  • Dove From Newspaper
  • Devil's Dove
  • The Doves From The Hat
  • Silken Dove
  • Crystal Dove Bag ...
★★★★ $3.60
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