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Dr. Kurt Volkmann

Dr. Kurt Volkmann

(Kassel, Germany: 27th September 1897 - Kettwig: 8th May 1958)

Lawyer in Düsseldorf. Amateur magician and magic historian. Joined the MZvD in 1927. President of the German Magic Circle from 1952-1958. Editor of their journal the Magie from 1951-1958. His most outstanding achievement is his series of articles about the history of magic (Geschichte der Zauberkunst). 104 articles appeared in the journal. There are another 100 unpublished articles which will be published in the near future in book form.

Major magic book collector. Gave part of his collection in Spring 1938 to the Museum für Völkerkunde in Leipzig, which was destroyed during the night of 3/4 Dec 1940 by an RAF bombing raid.

Publications besides his series of articles mentioned above include Bibliografi over Dansk magisk Litteratur (1948); Das Becherspiel (1954, 36pp), English translation by Barrows Mussey as The Oldest Deception (1956, 48pp); co-authored (with Louis Tummers) Bibliographie de la Prestidigitation, Vol.I ("Allemagne et Austriche") (1952, 187pp). Articles in Conjuriana, Sixth Collectors Annual, etc.

Coauthors: June Barrows Mussey

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Dr. Kurt Volkmann & June Barrows Mussey
The Oldest Deception: Cups and Balls in the Art of the 15th and 16th Centuries by Dr. Kurt Volkmann & June Barrows Mussey

This ebook is a treat for any magic historian as well as for anybody who likes to learn more about the history of the cups and balls. A collection of 20 woodcuts, copper engravings and oil paintings from the 15th and 16th century depicting conjurers with cups and balls is described in great detail by Kurt Volkmann, the president of the German Magic Circle from 1952-1958.

For example, you will find the famous oil painting "The Juggler" by Hieronymus Bosch as well as an imitation and a very similar copper engraving. Read what we can learn from the various depictions of the cups and balls. One...

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