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June Barrows Mussey

June Barrows Mussey

(30th March 1910 - 27th July 1985)

Born in Staten Island, New York. Better known as Henry Hay. Inspired in 1921 seeing Howard Thurston show. Learned in 1921 from Christmas gift of Hoffmann's Later Magic. Thence "Hadji Baba", touring the East and mid-West at age 13. Semi-pro in college when he was protégé of John Mulholland at age 19. Translated and co-edited (with Fulton Oursler) Fischer's Illustrated Magic (1931). Ghosted part of Mulholland's Beware Familiar Spirits (1938). In US Marine Corps in Pacific in WW II. Moved to West Germany in 1950 to work as journalist.

Coauthors: Dagmar Mussey, Dr. Kurt Volkmann

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Dr. Kurt Volkmann & June Barrows Mussey
The Oldest Deception: Cups and Balls in the Art of the 15th and 16th Centuries by Dr. Kurt Volkmann & June Barrows Mussey

This ebook is a treat for any magic historian as well as for anybody who likes to learn more about the history of the cups and balls. A collection of 20 woodcuts, copper engravings and oil paintings from the 15th and 16th century depicting conjurers with cups and balls is described in great detail by Kurt Volkmann, the president of the German Magic Circle from 1952-1958.

For example, you will find the famous oil painting "The Juggler" by Hieronymus Bosch as well as an imitation and a very similar copper engraving. Read what we can learn from the various depictions of the cups and balls. One...

★★★★★ $20
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Dagmar Mussey & June Barrows Mussey
A Magical Upbringing: Collected Letters and Articles from June Barrows Mussey by Dagmar Mussey & June Barrows Mussey

Purchase this ebook together with The Amateur Magician's Handbook and receive an immediate $10 discount!

If I ask: "Do you know June Barrows Mussey?" I get a blank stare. If I continue: "you know Henry Hay?" then suddenly the response is: "Certainly. He wrote The Amateur Magician's Handbook."

June Barrows Mussey, alias Henry Hay was a remarkable man who had a magical upbringing. Imagine, a boy of just 14 years old going on an international magic tour in the U.S. all by himself; a year later he went alone to Europe, the Dutch authorities made great trouble when he wanted to enter their country because they felt he was too young. His parents and particularly...

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June Barrows Mussey
Magic (Mussey) by June Barrows Mussey

This was the first magic book written by June Barrows Mussey and the only one under his real name. All other magic books appeared under his pseudonym Henry Hay.

Here is a practical and fascinating ebook which shows you how to master simple and complex conjuring tricks for your own pleasure and the entertainment of your friends. Mussey stresses the proper presentation of magic stunts and tricks, rather than the mere mechanics. He shows you how to progress from comparatively simpler tricks to those which require diligent study and practice.

In the majority of the tricks described, little or no equipment...

★★★★★ $5
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)