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Kyle Schofiled

Kyle Schofiled

Kyle has been practicing the art of magic for over five years. He is the creator of the UpRise Levitation, and his released his first publication Magic Print Notes. He belongs to the group of friends including Calvin Lauber, Justin Miller, and Daniel Garcia. Even though he is young he decided to do magic for the rest of his life.

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Kyle Schofiled
Magic Print Notes by Kyle Schofiled

Trio a three card revelation with a twist ending.

Convey a signed card transposes with a card mentally read by the magician.

Porous a card penetrates a napkin - perfect for restaurant magic.

Pierce an impromptu, signed card through table.

Re-delinked a rubber band unlinks, vanishes, and appears linked back onto a rubber band.

Ex-change an impromptu, 4 coin only, coin matrix.

Morf change a stunning color change where you end completely clean.

If you get offended by a 15 year old writing about magic, then this is not for you. If you think there is something to learn from...

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