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Larry Travis

Larry Travis

Larry is a public speaker with decades of experience engaging people's attention and interest with nothing but words. In the last several years, he's applied those skills to entertaining with magic as an amateur performer. His main interest in magic is cards, in particular the amazing things that can be done with an ordinary deck, even borrowed and shuffled. He also enjoys mentalism, especially billet work, and a few other kinds of magic. His obsessive curiosity as a student of magic, combined with his sometimes unfortunate perfectionism, has lead him to tinker so much that he has unintentionally become a creator of magic as well.

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Larry Travis
Ivy by Larry Travis

Here are six card magic routines, plus variations on two of them. All are truly impromptu, meaning they can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck of ordinary cards. Some sleight-of-hand is required.

Synaptic - you reveal their thought-of card by "tuning in" to their senses

Maybe - an in-the-hands Open Prediction

Sweep - they choose a card through a visualisation process, but you knew their choice beforehand

Little Sympathy - impromptu sympathetic cards

Royal - a variation of Little Sympathy

Silver - they choose every card for two hands of poker, and you reveal a photographic...

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