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Laszlo Rothbart

Laszlo Rothbart

(Budapest, Hungary: 1887 - 6th September 1947)

Dr. Ladislaus "Laszlo" Rothbart, was a Hungarian Jew and amateur magician since boyhood. Inventor of many tricks, particularly with cards. In 1938 he founded in Budapest the Circle of Amateur Hungarian Prestidigitators together with Steven L. Forgacs. Wrote Deck in Hand: Magic of the Magyars (44pp). Survived the Nazi extermination camps in WW II, but committed suicide a few years later because of an incurable illness. Tricks in Jinx.

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Laszlo Rothbart
Deck in Hand: Magic of the Magyar by Laszlo Rothbart

From the introduction by Caryl S. Fleming:

Written, tested, performed and compiled by my good friend, Dr. Laszlo Rothbart, of Budapest, Hungary — a Doctor of Medicine — Secretary of the Circle of Hungarian Magicians — an outstanding Magician among Magicians with an ever increasing interest in all things Magic and an highly constructive mental capacity for invention, adaptation and presentation.

  • Introduction
  • Blanko Reverso
  • X-Ray Eyes
  • Your Chance
  • The Thought Of Card From Pocket
  • Telephone Directory Test
  • Rising Cards
  • The Medium Knows It
  • The Performer Can't Be Wrong!
  • The Ambitious...
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