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Deck in Hand: Magic of the Magyar
by Laszlo Rothbart

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Deck in Hand: Magic of the Magyar by Laszlo Rothbart

From the introduction by Caryl S. Fleming:

Written, tested, performed and compiled by my good friend, Dr. Laszlo Rothbart, of Budapest, Hungary — a Doctor of Medicine — Secretary of the Circle of Hungarian Magicians — an outstanding Magician among Magicians with an ever increasing interest in all things Magic and an highly constructive mental capacity for invention, adaptation and presentation.

  • Introduction
  • Blanko Reverso
  • X-Ray Eyes
  • Your Chance
  • The Thought Of Card From Pocket
  • Telephone Directory Test
  • Rising Cards
  • The Medium Knows It
  • The Performer Can't Be Wrong!
  • The Ambitious Card
  • The Card You Thought Of
  • Dr. Rothbart's Four-Age Trick
  • The Blindfold Mystery
  • Mental Selection
  • Easy Four-Ace Trick
  • The Kings And The Queen
  • The Card You Must Think Of
  • Mene Tekel
  • Out Of The Hat
  • Card Revelation
  • Pierce Your Card
  • Find Your Card
  • You Are A Conjurer
  • Think Stop
  • I'll Tell You
  • Another Sucker Trick

PDF 31 pages
word count: 14924 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text