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Laurance Glen

Laurance Glen

( - 25th September 1936)

Born as Laurance W. Spitari in England. He was active by 1909 when he lived in Southampton as pro ventriloquist and magician. Edited A.W.S. Magazine 1911-14 and The Wizard's Annual (newsletters of the Associated Wizards of the South) 1913-16.

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Laurance Glen
The Magician's Road to Fame by Laurance Glen

This is a delightful digital reproduction of an early marketing book for entertainers. Much of the advice given is true today as it was decades ago. You will find some wonderful stories as well as dozens of photos of magician posters and other artwork. After reading this ebook you will have a number of new ideas to promote your act. The topics discussed are:

  • The First Aid To Publicity
  • The Typewriter Helps
  • Newspaper Advertisements And Clippings
  • The Value Of The Local Newspaper
  • How To Use Press Notices
  • The Air Of Mystery
  • Personal Advertising
  • The Use Of Photographs
  • Photo Blocks
  • Throwaways ...
★★★★★ $9
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