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by Michael Sorensen

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Leftovers by Michael Sorensen

Unfortunately Martin Nash and Michael Sorensen have parted ways. "Nash Reloaded" had to be removed and will not be available anymore. Michael has pulled all his personal contributions from "Nash Reloaded" into a new ebook called "Leftovers". Don't be fooled by the word 'leftovers'. So regrettable the situation between Martin and Michael is, Michael is a very skilled and creative performer in his own right.

1st edtion, 2006; 56 pages

  1. Introduction
  2. Deck Grips
  3. How to Practice
  4. The Davied Enhancement Principle


  5. Once Bitten
  6. The Universal Aces
  7. Pinochle Pinnacle II
  8. Fake Center Dealz
  9. Caught?
  10. Super Ace Speller
  11. True Colors
  12. Control
  13. Invisible
  14. Blind
  15. Ambitious Omni
  16. Out of this...Oh Who cares!
  17. The Mechanic


  18. Second Deals
  19. The Center Deal
  20. The Bottom Deal
  21. The Multiple Shift
  22. The Faro Shuffle
  23. The Side Steal
  24. The Second Deal Force
  25. The Tabled Faro
  26. In Closing

word count: 13208 which is equivalent to 52 standard pages of text