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Len Belcher

Len Belcher

(Britain: fl. 1940s - 90s)

Schoolteacher (retired). Mentalist and childrens magician. Wrote Len Belcher on Two-Person Mentalism (1974, 47pp) and Best of Belcher. Tricks in Abra.

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Len Belcher
Best of Belcher (used) by Len Belcher

Hardcover with dust-jacket. The dust-jacket has three short tears in the back. Otherwise, the book is in excellent condition. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

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Len Belcher
Below the Threshold by Len Belcher

Talk of 'subliminal' advertising is always fashionable. Presented in the manner suggested this is an outstanding mental effect, great for your show, for impromptu use and to present for the members of the press, newspaper offices, etc., for publicity purposes.

The effect is the following...

A spectator is asked to draw a design or write a word on a small card and this is placed out of sight. The performer stands well away from the spectator while the drawing is being made and patters to the effect that what the spectator draws is suggested to him by some subconscious impulse in the beginning,...

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Len Belcher
Tutto Quello che Dirai by Len Belcher

Un inusuale e magico gioco di caccia all'assassino per la scena e il close-up. Tutte le carte necessarie sono accluse e potrai stamparle immediatamente per eseguire il gioco!

Un effetto eccitante e inusuale per il tuo numero di mentalismo o il tuo show in generale, ricco di partecipazione da parte del pubblico. Ciascuno di tre spettatori prende parte ad una messa in scena di un "Terribile Omicidio". Ciascuno gioca un ruolo nella parte di un personaggio scegliendolo a caso tra quelli proposti senza sapere cosa impersonano gli altri. Uno spettatore sarĂ  il cadavere, un altro il testimone...

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Len Belcher
Anything You Say by Len Belcher

An unusual magical murder game. All the necessary cards are enclosed in the PDF and you can immediately print them and perform the trick.

An unusual and exciting effect for your mental act or magic show. It has much audience participation. Each of three spectators, invited up, plays a part in the enactment of an 'Orrible Murder, one being the body, one the witness and one the murderer. Each "chooses a weapon" - printed on large cards. (But you could use real articles: rope, dagger, gun, poison bottle, hammer). Cards or weapons are hidden. While this is afoot you have your back turned or...

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Len Belcher
Best of Belcher by Len Belcher

Len was a creative and innovative magician who came up with a number of engaging routines for mentalists, kid shows, and family performers. Here you will find mostly stand up routines.

  • Publisher's Foreword
  • Some Thoughts On Invention- And An Idea For A Screen Table
  • Crowned
  • Belcher's Club Table
  • Newspell
  • Pig Deal
  • Kurious Kerchief
  • Ring In The Old
  • Looking In
  • A Century Of Sympathy
  • Knock Knock
  • Enclosed Thought
  • Singular Silks
  • The Jolly Miller
  • Sponge Down
  • The Feast Of Lanterns
  • The Ring And The Ball
  • Guess Who!
  • Rich Little Poor Girl
  • Zippo Bag
  • Telstar
  • Post Prediction
  • Easoulette ...
★★★★★ $20
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