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Lethal by Daniel Madison

Here you will learn some of the most 'lethal' and must stunning card flourishes ever invented. XCM (eXtreme Card Manipulation) at its best.

The debut DVD from underground magician Daniel Madison, originally released in 2006 on Halloween to a highly anticipating audience is now also available as video download. Packed with 26 flourishes, Lethal teaches Daniel's concepts for playing card manipulation and cardistry.

Flourishes taught:

  • Symphony
  • Cylinder
  • Dead Revolution
  • Sleeper
  • Bicycle
  • Symphony Run One
  • Symphony Run Two
  • Cylinder Run One
  • Cylinder Run Two
  • Delinquent
  • Diabolique
  • Dropsyble
  • Popsyble
  • Popsyble++++
  • Sylnthrn
  • Syble Helix One
  • Syble Helix Two
  • Xyblnthrn Helix
  • Snapd
  • Twisted Rain
  • Twisted Rain Rev.
  • Mayhem
"...Daniel's music-video-like approach to the art is truly something to behold. My eyes took character of a 7 year old in front of a television. It's rhythmatic, it's animated, it's clever, and it's damn cool! It's the X-Games of magic..." - Dan Buck

"...This is pure insanity with a deck of 52's..." - Myles Nakouzi

"...Daniel has more control over 52 cards than the average human has over 10 fingers. Lethal will not only teach you the techniques to perform mind-blowing flourishes, but how to execute them with style, verve and panache...Don't lend this to anyone; you will not get it back..." - Daniel Alexander

"...Atrociously good! You are without doubt the UK flourishmaster!" - Tom Weil

"...Packed with initiative ideas and sheer hand-eye candy; a complete underground masterpiece..." - R3man

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