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Life Staked at Cards
by Henry Meyer

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Life Staked at Cards by Henry Meyer

A sketch of the life of Henry Meyer a converted gambler.

Henry Meyer was by his own account a very successful gambler who would play predominantly in Europe. One day he played against a young man and won all his money. Subsequently, that young man took his own life. At that point, Meyer realized that the young man was his younger brother. This charring experience made him give up gambling completely.

While I don't doubt that Meyer was a professional gambler who would later reform and give up gambling, the story with his brother rings a bit too fantastic. It is hard to believe that he and his brother would not recognize each other. That his brother would commit suicide after losing all his money in a game is believable by itself - he is not alone in taking his life after losing a lot of money, just the combination that he lost his money to his own brother in the final, for him deadly game, sounds a bit over the top. It would be an interesting project to see if there are newspaper records that can either support or refute this story. Meyer provides the exact date and place for it: March 22nd, 1893 in Homburg, Germany.

  • Preface
  • My Early Life, Education, Etc.
  • My First Game Of Cards—Its Effect
  • Visiting Other Gambling Resorts
  • My Brother Leaves Home
  • Life Staked At Cards
  • Coming Home To America
  • My Happy Conversion
  • Temptations And Trials
  • Practical Reflections On Gambling
  • Games At Home
  • Perils Of Young Men

1st edition 1895, 26 pages; PDF 16 pages.
word count: 4820 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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