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Lionel Hugh Branson

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Lionel Hugh Branson
Indian Conjuring by Lionel Hugh Branson

Indian Conjuring is an illustrated guide to Indian magic tricks by Major L. H. Branson, a British officer in the British Indian Army and magician. It includes explanations and step-by-step instructions for a variety of magic tricks that the author came across while serving in colonial India during the early twentieth century.

[Please note that this book is filled with colonialism and racism. We provide such digital reproductions of old books for research, learning, and historical perspective. It does not mean that we agree with any particular statement, point of view, or opinion offered.]

  • CHAPTER I: A Comparison
  • The Cup And Balls
  • CHAPTER III: The Bamboo-Sticks
  • The Ring On The Stick
  • CHAPTER IV: The Glass Box
  • CHAPTER V: The Bowl Of Rice
  • CHAPTER VI: A Rope Trick
  • The Swastika
  • The Egg Bag
  • CHAPTER VII: The Dancing Duck
★★★★ $9
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