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Locked Books 01: The Invisible Topit
by Alexander de Cova

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Locked Books 01: The Invisible Topit by Alexander de Cova

An improvement on the classic TOPIT device.

For years many have been using the TOPIT gimmick. Michael Ammar made the sewn-in-type TOPIT popular. All those years Alexander de Cova was always thinking whether it might be possible to hide the bag (or better: the bag's opening and the edge) in the jacket. After becoming acquainted with the works of Tommy Wonder and his breakthrough concerning the tails TOPIT, things clicked together.

Tommy's system inspired de Cova to apply the principle to a regular TOPIT. The result is that this TOPIT can't be seen, because there is no visible edge.

In this ebook de Cova documented the birth of a TOPIT that he has sewn in recently. If you are interested in having the next generation TOPIT in your coat, you can easily follow this photo instructions step by step. But be aware - you will have to find a tailor or someone who is really good at making patterns and, of course, at sewing. Also, there is a lot of hand sewing work involved.

It's worthwhile and your fellow magicians will not believe you are using the TOPIT, mainly because they simply can't see it!

1st edition 2013, 11 pages.
word count: 1580 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text