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Lucky 13
by David Devlin


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Lucky 13 by David Devlin

A blue backed deck is shown. A card is removed, and placed aside. The deck is spread face down. It is seen that all of the cards have blue backs, except for one card which has a red back. Two cards are now very randomly chosen, and their values are added together. Let's assume that the total is "13" (the actual total is up to you!). The deck is turned face up (in every instance) and the cards are dealt one at a time until the 13th (or whatever value was chosen) card is dealt. Let's say that the 13th card is the Queen of Clubs. The deck is now spread face down. Each and every card has a blue back. All that is, except one card. The spectator turns the Queen of Clubs face down. It has a red back! But that is not all. The card that was placed aside earlier is turned over. It is blank except that it has the number "13" written on it!

  • No sleight of hand. The effect is self working!
  • Two versions, one of which can be done with a borrowed deck and is nearly impromptu.
  • Any total can be used (from 2 through 26)
  • The spectator's cuts are totally free
  • The spectator can deal the cards
  • No switches
  • Sneaky yet super easy and motivated cleanup in version I. Version II has no cleanup as you end clean!
  • The deck can be used for further effects as the deck itself is not gaffed.

1st edition 2014, 14 pages.
word count: 3740 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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