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The Visitation
by David Devlin

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The Visitation by David Devlin

This came about thanks to Larry Jennings' classic effect, "The Visitor". David has always loved that effect. It is impromptu, there is no setup, a borrowed deck can be used, and the effect is stunning. One day, David was playing with the routine, and began to think along the lines of, "Wouldn't it be cool if the selected card could be seen the entire time? What if the spectator could see their card sitting between the two face down cards right up until the very moment that it vanishes?" The answers, of course, are yes! Of course it would be cool. And with The Visitation these things are possible!

Here is the effect: the performer removes the four queens (or your favorite four of a kind) from the deck, and shows them front and back. They are then placed aside, and a spectator selects and signs a card. The spectator chooses between the red queens or the black queens. Let's suppose he chooses the red queens. The selected card is placed face down between the two red queens. The three-card sandwich is then turned over and tabled. The sandwich is spread so that the face of the selected card can be seen. The selected card is kept in view the entire time.

The black queens are now cut into the deck, one by the performer and one by the spectator. The spectator holds the deck in his hands for the rest of the trick.

The performer picks up the three card sandwich off the table, gives the spectators one final look at their card between the two queens, and instantly and with a flourish the selected card vanishes. It is just gone!

The spectator, holding the deck, spreads the cards and finds that in the center of the deck are the two black queens with a single card face down between them. Any spectator removes the card from between the queens, and it is the signed selection!

  • The card is signed
  • No palming
  • No 'secret steals'
  • No difficult sleight-of-hand
  • You never touch the deck after the vanish
  • You never touch the card after the reappearance in the deck
  • No switches
  • Very clean effect
  • You will need to either make a gaff or perhaps you already have one
When David performed this effect for his daughter, Gabby, she screamed, "What?! How the heck?!" If a trick impresses his kids, it is a winner!

1st edition 2014, 16 pages.
word count: 3331 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text

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