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Lulu Hurst Writes Her Autobiography
by Lulu Hurst

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Lulu Hurst Writes Her Autobiography by Lulu Hurst

For the first time explains and demonstrates the great secret of her marvelous power.

In this autobiography, Lulu Hurst tells her rise to fame and fortune by performing acts of incredible strength on stage. She does this with personal recollections as well as quoting from various newspaper reports. At the time she performed many attributed her strength to some as of yet unknown or unexplainable force. But she had no unusual strength or the aid of any special force. She cleverly used mechanical principles as well as showmanship to make it appear she had super-human strength. In the second part, she explains how she did several experiments.

She claimed that at the time she was exhibiting her strength when she was 14 to 16 years old, she had no idea how she did what she did. Only later, after investigation and study, did she understand how she achieved such apparent super-human strength. This sounds very disingenuous. While it is believable that as a 16-year-old she may not have been knowledgeable about all the mechanical details and be able to explain them from a scientific point of view, she clearly must have been instructed and trained well in the performance of these experiments, and she must have certainly been aware that this was all a show and deception, merely trickery.

  • PART I.
    • CHAPTER I. A Little Childhood History.
    • CHAPTER II. A True And Accurate Account Of The First Manifestation And The Subsequent Development Of My Wonderful Power.
    • CHAPTER III. The Wonders Grew—Still More Marvelous Manifestations In The “Haunted House” Of Cedar Valley.
    • CHAPTER IV. How The Pressing Demand Of The Public Carried Me To The Stage.
    • CHAPTER V. On The Stage In Georgia.
    • CHAPTER VI. The Assault On Atlanta.
    • CHAPTER VII. Lively Times In Modern Athens, Georgia’s “Classic City.”
    • CHAPTER VIII. Did The Power Move The Stalled Engine And Train Of Cars? Taking The Elasticity Out Of Steel.
    • CHAPTER IX. A Few Reflections By The Way.
    • CHAPTER X. The “Power” In The National Capital.
    • CHAPTER XI. Adieu To Washington.
    • CHAPTER XII. New York In The Foils Of “The Unknown.”
    • CHAPTER XIII. The “Great Unknown” And The “Jersey Lily.”
    • CHAPTER XIV. Matinée To Ladies Only.
    • CHAPTER XV. The Power In The “Hub”—The Challenge To John L. Sullivan.
    • CHAPTER XVI. The “Power” In Providence.
    • CHAPTER XVII. Brooklyn Succumbs—“The Great Unknown” And The World Renowned Japanese Wrestler, Matsada.
    • CHAPTER XVIII. “The Great Unknown.”
    • CHAPTER XIX. The “Power” On The Borders Of The Pacific—The Shock Shakes San Francisco.
    • CHAPTER XX. An Epidemic Of “Hurstomania.”
    • CHAPTER XXI. Denver, Colorado, Shaken Up.
    • CHAPTER XXII. Hurstomania Epidemic In Denver.
    • CHAPTER XXIII. “Bogus Lulu Hursts Spring Up Over The Country.”
    • CHAPTER XXIV. Funny Scenes And Sayings.
    • CHAPTER XXV. An Illumination That Did Not Illumine.
    • CHAPTER XXVI. The Last The Public Ever Saw Of “The Great Unknown.”
  • PART II. The Explanation.
    • CHAPTER I. Preparations—Search For The Truth.
    • CHAPTER II. Demonstration No. 1.
    • CHAPTER III. Demonstration No. 2.
    • CHAPTER IV. Demonstration No. 3.
    • CHAPTER V. Some Reflections Bearing Upon Demonstrations, Nos. 4, 5, 6 And 7.
    • CHAPTER VI. Demonstration No. 8.
    • CHAPTER VII. A Farewell Talk With My Readers.

1st edition 1897, 267 pages; PDF 163 pages.
word count: 73007 which is equivalent to 292 standard pages of text

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