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Lunarcy by Dale A. Hildebrandt

The author, publisher, editor, and/or seller of this ebook and anyone else connected to this ebook in any way, shape, or manner, shall not be responsible for your use or misuse of the information in Lunarcy. This leaves you as the sole person responsible for your use or misuse of this information.

  • Control Minds
  • Control Skies
  • Dominate the World - If you dare!

"Dale Hildebrandt has produced a real gem with 'Lunarcy.' His ideas are outside the box, solid, workable and well worth your serious attention. I particularly enjoyed his work on the Cube and "Alien Amazement." This is the stuff religions are made of!" - Jerome Finley

"I just finished reading 'Lunarcy' and my mind is currently doing cartwheels. I actually got a little dizzy reading this. Tom Robbins wrote, in one of his books, 'Using Words to Describe Magic is Like Using a Screwdriver to Cut Roast Beef.' This is how I feel when trying to describe the Real Magic within the pages of Lunarcy." - Don Theo III

"I have started reading this and I can highly recommend this as sister companion book to my cloud book. Using both of these books you can create the reputation that you control everything in the universe, just like the wizards of the past." - Devin Knight

On February 20, 2008 there was a total lunar eclipse visible from most of the Western world. Were you prepared for it? The next total lunar eclipse in North America will happen in December of 2010. Will you be prepared for that one? You will if you hurry up and get Lunarcy.

The real meat of this manuscript lies in "Alien Amazement" wherein you can make a UFO appear with or without a lunar eclipse and also "Cubed Roots", a system for readings that goes quantum leaps beyond most other systems. There is also work on making celestial bodies do your bidding, and ways to enhance and/or combine effects with the weather and/or sky.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a half-finished supplement. This means that it was first provided to subscribers to the "What Do You Expect For A Dollar?" series. It also means that Lunarcy is a supplement with multiple typos and no photographs including multiple references to works from others.

Any updates on this work will be made available to customers. Those who purchase just the supplement should sign up for the magic newsletter to receive updates on when the ebook is revised.

This ebook is not a one-stop shop for all things related to weather and the sky, but there are references provided to other sources that when accessed will give you a complete picture. I make no apologies for this as these other people should be rewarded for their work.

CHAPTER ONE: "Lunarcy", control minds, control skies, dominate the world - if you dare!

CHAPTER TWO: Included with this manuscript is "Cubed Roots", a system for readings that is quantum leaps ahead of most other systems. This is my take on combining The Cube with neurolinguistic programming and other mind technologies to produce astounding results with participants.

  • This is a complete system for generating positive outcomes. This is not intended as a "cure" for anything nor is it to be used as such.
  • Those who have open minds will be able to utilize "Cubed Roots" and the handling detailed within because everything has been explained in detail.
  • If you are scared or intimidated by neurolinguistic programming and other mind technologies, then "Cubed Roots" is not for you!
"Cubed Roots" is a system that is quantum leaps ahead of most other reading systems. You will find within this system a way to produce positive, generative, transformative results. This is a system that combines NLP, "The Cube", and other mind technologies into one cohesive unit, which allows a volunteer or volunteers to experience a life lived to the fullest joy. There is no hypnosis involved in this system, but "Cubed Roots" does use suggestion. "Cubed Roots" is unique in the fact that you require no oracle (although some pendulum work is discussed). The only thing you need to start is a willing participant and the information outlined in "Cubed Roots".

CHAPTER THREE: Included with this manuscript is "Let's Get Serious", which allows you to apparently make blurs appear on the film of a camera which still has its lens cap on!

CHAPTER FOUR: "A Different Kind of Cowboy" gives you a semi-sophisticated way to code information between two people using a cell phone!

Skill level for the entire manuscript: intermediate to advanced mentalists will get the best use from the items in this manuscript.

80% of the money will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, while the other 20% will go to cover PayPal and Credit Card fees and other overhead incurred.

1st edition 2008; 59 pages.
word count: 22430 which is equivalent to 89 standard pages of text