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Madison Hagler

Madison Hagler

Madison Hagler is a full time professional magician. He performs in various venues from big city events, to small charity events. From fun kid shows, to entertaining mentalism shows. He does it all. Madison has a passion for performing his stand-up shows, but also has a love for close up magic and hypnosis. He has invented multiple effects and has worked with some of the best in the business.

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Madison Hagler
Tractor by Madison Hagler

For years magicians have wanted to make a signed card vanish from a deck of cards and appear elsewhere. The best way to do this is by stealing the selected card from the deck. But how? This is a question many magicians have tried to answer. There are various ways, and each have there pros and cons. Tractor is an outstanding solution to this age old dilemma that makes the 'steal' appear impossible. You will be stealing the card from a cased deck!

Tractor is a utility tool which is extremely easy and fast to make. (We are talking 1 minute, tops!) You just need 2 items to make the gimmick and...

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