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by Madison Hagler

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Tractor by Madison Hagler

For years magicians have wanted to make a signed card vanish from a deck of cards and appear elsewhere. The best way to do this is by stealing the selected card from the deck. But how? This is a question many magicians have tried to answer. There are various ways, and each have there pros and cons. Tractor is an outstanding solution to this age old dilemma that makes the 'steal' appear impossible. You will be stealing the card from a cased deck!

Tractor is a utility tool which is extremely easy and fast to make. (We are talking 1 minute, tops!) You just need 2 items to make the gimmick and you have the needed items laying in your house right now. Once it's made, you can take a regular deck of cards, place it into a card box, and have the volunteer insert their card into the deck wherever they want. Sounds fair, right? Yet once the box is closed and wrapped with a rubber band, the selected card will already be stolen from the deck and hidden away where you can either produce it later, or steal it out and plant it in a more impossible place.

From the ebook:

This tool is the epitome of 'simple' and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Often times magicians see the word 'simple' but instead read 'stupid.' This is definitely not stupid. If you let its simplicity get to you, be my guest. In the end, you will be missing out on one powerhouse of a tool.

This ebook will walk you through the construction, the basic workings, and a few ideas of where to produce the card. Along with the text descriptions and explanations, the ebook also includes a couple of links to unlisted youtube videos. These videos will be a visual learning aid that will help you learn the main moves quicker, and more efficiently. The ebook also includes a full routine packed with valuable information on the psychology of performing and some basic discussion on interaction with your audience.

Things to consider:

  • Normal deck of cards
  • One time setup
  • One minute setup
  • Once made, you are ready to go at all times.
  • Any card selected can be stolen
  • Works with any number of selected cards
  • Doesn't have to be a full deck
  • No knuckle-busting sleights (similar to a side steal)
  • Gimmick will last as long as your deck does
  • Nothing to buy
  • Nothing to add to the deck
  • Nothing to take away from the deck"
  • Can be used as a peek box

1st edition 2013, 27 pages.
word count: 4403 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text