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Magic and its Mysteries
by J. Dazley Theobald


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Magic and its Mysteries by J. Dazley Theobald

From the preface:

In the following pages it has been my aim to give such plain and practical instructions, as shall enable the amateur conjurer to perform with confidence and success. In the limits of a book of this size, it is impossible to describe more than one-tenth of the various tricks in modern magic in vogue at the present day, and I have therefore carefully excluded the larger professional apparatus, such as are used only on the public stage, believing that what is most needed is a sound treatise on drawing-room magic, and I trust in the following pages the reader will find such suggestions and advice as will help him, with careful practice, to perform a very creditable programme in an amazingly short time.

  • Preface
  • Chapter I
    • Brief But All-Important Hints
    • Conjuring Tables
    • Conjuring Dress
    • Conjuring Wands
    • Palming
    • The Pass
  • Chapter II
    • The Magic Halfpenny Box
    • The Magic Marble Pedestal
    • The Mystic Money Box
    • The Magic Telegraph Box
    • The Barber’s Pole
    • The Marvellous Shower Of Sweets
    • The Wizard’s Egg And Mystic Bag
    • The Great Nose And Twine Trick
    • The Magic Funnel
    • The Mysterious Glass Of Ink
  • Chapter III
    • The Changing And Burning Card-Box
    • The Magic Bran Glass
    • The Mysterious Counter Pedestal
    • Mouchoir Du Diable, Or The Demon Handkerchief
    • The Dissolving Pile Of Halfpence
    • The Magic Dissolving Pack Of Cards
    • The Wonderful Rattle Box
    • The Mysterious Candle And Bewitched Handkerchief
    • The Enchanted Card And Rose
    • The Mystic Family
  • Chapter IV
    • Forcing Packs Of Cards
    • The Biseauté Pack Of Cards
    • Magic Spring Balls, For Producing From An Empty Hat
    • Magic Spring Babies
    • The Mystic Fruit-Knife
    • The Magic Birth Of Flowers
    • The Magic Flowers And Mysterious Bottle
    • The Magic Millet, Bell, And Bushel Of Seed
    • The Magic Hammer And Ball
    • The Mystic Sweet Wand
    • The Mystic Money Plate
    • The Goblets And Hat Trick
  • Chapter V
    • The Mysterious Glass Casket
    • The Magic Canister
    • The Great Sack Trick
    • The Dissolving Flag And Candle
    • The Dissolving Egg And Handkerchief
    • The Mysterious Bran Bottle
    • The Passe-Passe Bottles
    • The Inexhaustible Bottle
    • The Mysterious Ladle Of Fire
    • The Mysterious Watch Mortar
    • The Mysterious Card Table
  • Chapter VI
    • The Magic Handkerchief And Bottle
    • The Great Cannon-Ball Trick
    • The Magic Fish Bowls
    • The Davenport Cabinet
    • The Jumping Card Box
    • The Magic Dove And Wine Bottle
    • The Magic Lyre And Rising Cards
    • The Marvellous Chinese Lantern Illumination
    • The Cages Of Enchantment
    • The Demon Cover
    • The Mysterious Watch Box
  • Chapter VII
    • The Magic Bundle Of Wood
    • The Candle And Mysterious Ribbons
    • The Mysterious Flower-Garden
    • The Magician’s Wonderful Drawer Box, Exhibited Full Or Empty, At The Will Of The Performer
    • The Mechanical Chest Of Drawers
    • The Inexhaustible Box
    • The Magic Decanter And Mystic Pyramids
    • The Magic Handkerchief Case
    • The Magic Omelette
  • Chapter VIII

1st edition 1880, 144 pages; PDF 69 pages.
word count: 27318 which is equivalent to 109 standard pages of text