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Magic and Mysteries of India
by Eddie Joseph


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Magic and Mysteries of India by Eddie Joseph

Eddie Joseph who was born in India and lived there for most of his life. He wanted to write a detailed, true and unbiased description of the Indian magician and his methods. He penetrated deeply into the subject rather than give it superficial treatment. This ebook will give you a clear perspective of India's Mystery Mongers and their mysterious creations.

1st edition 1940; PDF 73 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter One - Mystery Abounding
  3. Chapter Two - Peering Beyond the Horizon
  4. Chapter Three - The Gypsy Told Me So
  5. Chapter Four - The Magicians of East India
  6. Chapter Five - East Indian Mysteries
  7. Rupees Created from Dust
  8. Look Out! It's a Snake!
  9. Coins Vanish from the Hand of the Spectator
  10. Donald Duck in His Little Pond
  11. Daisy - The Dancing Doll
  12. Eye Poking Trick
  13. The Borrowed Ring
  14. Salt or Sugar - Which?
  15. The Egg Bag - Hindu Presentation
  16. The Bamboo Sticks and Strings
  17. Aladdin's Lamp
  18. The Sands of Chowpatty
  19. The Cotton Factory
  20. The Fire Eater
  21. Mind Pictures
  22. The Boat Fountain
  23. The Linking "LINK"
  24. The Disappearing Knot
  25. Marbles - Balls and Ribbons from Mouth
  26. The Hindu Turban Trick
  27. The Hindu Torn and Restored Strip
  28. Broken and Restored Yarn
  29. The Doves of Peace
  30. The Cups and Balls
  31. The Hindu Lota Presentation
  32. The Birth of Reptiles
  33. A Meal of Glass
  34. The Hindu Basket
  35. The Growth of the Mango Tree
  36. Chapter Six - Tricks of the Feminine Magician
  37. The Indian Beads Stringing
  38. Living or Dead?
  39. The Toy Emporium
  40. The Apple of Her Eye
  41. The Rainbow
  42. Chapter Seven - The Dead End of the Trail

word count: 34454 which is equivalent to 137 standard pages of text