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Magic and Storytelling
by TC Tahoe

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Magic and Storytelling by TC Tahoe

Using storytelling to not only effectively enhance effects, but also your show.

As a performer, I generally prefer the methods of the tricks I choose to be simple, the plots clear, and the magic...well, magical. I use stories to draw the audience in. To find interest in not only the effect I am presenting but also in me.


The Why and Way - How I use Stories, that help ensure my audiences remember Me and not just the effects.

Kiss Me Fate - a Tarot effect

Till’ Death Do Us Part - A haunting effect with an old letter, two wedding rings, and a string.

Soul Fate - A Tarot effect exploring a myth about the creation of men and women.

The Witches Hammer - A Tarot effect using Matthew Hopkins was the Witch-Finder General of Essex as its story.

The Center Tear Papers - A script to not only justify the tear but also to empower your spectator.

Ghost in the Shell - A Story of a haunted house, a turtle and a kitten.

Tin-Man - a true(ish) tale from the streets of New Orleans.

One For the Crew or Bend it like Redenbaucer - An unique spoon bending routine

Last Link - My presentation for Confabulation

He Sees You When You're Sleeping - a Fun Christmas Pendulum routine

The Evil Eye - Another tale from New Orleans, this time about a creepy souvenir.

Seven Days A Week - Use a classic poem to discover the day of the week your spectator was born.

Blind Sight - A seance effect

Clipped, Colored and Read - My method for adding a bit of color to your billet peek

The Gemini Project - A Tarot seance type effect about twins.

For The Price Of A Stamp - a Tarot tale of coincidence. One of my favorite pieces to perform.

Spirits - A Japanese Ghost story

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