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The Jinx was a magic periodical edited and published by Theodore Annemann from October 1934 – December 1941. It was originally a monthly magazine but began weekly publication with no. 61 in October 1939. It has been described by some as one of the greatest magazines ever published. Many publications have since followed the format of the Jinx.

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Gran'Pa Chet
The Junx by Gran'Pa Chet

A Jinx parody.

1st edition 2006, 3 pages.

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Ted Annemann
Jinx by Ted Annemann

Many of the best mentalists consider the Jinx the most important publication. It is a treasure chest of ideas, methods, routines and commentary. A must read not just for mentalists but all magicians.

Here is the most convenient form of the Jinx to date. You will get all 151 issues including all summer and winter extras. Each issue is quickly accessible via a bookmark. You will get reproductions of all the old advertisements for the Jinx, the old three part index prepared by J. G. Thompson Jr., and a completely new 30 page index which has been alphabetized and spans all issues and extras.

We have taken the...

★★★★ $15
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)